Suffer from snoring?

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Do you also have some suffer from snoring? Do you feel the daily inconveniences of snoring and are you searching for the solution that works? You are certainly not the only one who suffers from snoring and is looking for a solution. The snoringshop is happy to give you the latest news on the subject of snoring and what you can do about it! Worldwide, millions of people suffer from snoring.

Here are some facts about snoring and the effects of snoring:

The person at night next to a snorer is missing a night on average one and a half hours of sleep. This leads to three whole weeks per year;

41% of women and 25% of men complain about a snoring partner;

40% of the partners leaves the bedroom at night due to the snoring sound;

One in nine couples sleep apart permanently.Snoring can therefore have very serious consequences.

Many people wonder how the snoring now arises precisely. Is it the mouth, throat or from the nose. How can you stop snoring? What is snoring actually? There are a lot questions about snoring.

What is snoring?

Snoring is a sound that is often perceived as a nuisance and as sawing, rustling or buzzing sound. The snoring sound is produced by a constriction in the airway, which can cause vibrations. These vibrations ensure sound. The constriction may arise both in the mouth / throat and in the nose. therefore so snoring can have several causes.

Snoring from the nose

Snoring is in 75% of the cases caused by a nasal congestion or a crooked nasal septum. This makes the nasal congestion may be chronic in nature. Against this nasal problems developed nose spreaders, nose patches and nasal sprays. These have nose spreaders are generally more effective action than the nose patches and nasal sprays.

This is because nasal dilators work on the basis of pushing force and pulling force on the basis of plaster. Obviously there are different nose spreaders on the market, but there is only one the most effective, research shows. The nasal dilators of Nozovent, NasiVent Dr. Sleep Well, Sleep Right and Woody Knows you can forget. The nose plasters of Breathe Right and nasal sprays Snoreeze and Sudafed are not nearly as effective as the nasal dilator that is now on the market.

Maximize your Air(max)!

This nasal dilator called Airmax does its name. Maximum air! Airmax is made to remove the narrowest part in the nose which makes the inflow and outflow of air easier. This allows you to easily breathe through the nose. Because the air can more easily be transported to the lungs, and the air flow is not blocked by the nose, the vibrations which cause the snoring will disappear.

Made in the Netherlands

This product is made in the Netherlands and very effective and successful! The product also has a website: This one shows more information about the product and gives you insight into the results of independent scientific studies.The Airmax nasal dilator is now available at Amazon for the lowest price! We even saw Airmax her nasal dilators sells on Amazon France (, Italy (, Spain ( and in the United Kingdom (

Airmax Sport

On the Airmax website and on Amazon, we came across a product against Airmax. This is the Airmax Sports nasal dilator. It ensures that you get more air during the activity where you can keep a sport activity longer.